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420 Camp

Full day camps for teens who are looking for bigger adventure on bigger boats. Still great for new sailors, but fit for longer legs!

Who should take this course?
Beginner sailors, ages 11-16 who have completed 5th-10th grade.

What will my child learn?
On a typical day our US Sailing Certified instructors will introduce new material in a classroom setting before heading out to spend the majority of the day on the water. While on the water, sailors will receive group and one-on-one coaching to improve skills and confidence on the water. As the class grows and learns together the instructors will introduce adventure sails in addition to shorter trips. STEM lessons, swimming, sailing games, and other physical activities are interspersed throughout the day in order to make this a fun group experience for all!

What do we need to bring?
Students must bring their own lunches and snacks as well as a lifejacket, water bottle, change of clothes, water shoes, sun protection, and towel.

What course should my child take next?
We recommend 2 or more one-week camps for those who really want to improve their sailing skills. Graduates from this class do well in 420 Adventure, 420 Race, or our HS sailing programs.


Ages 11 - 16


One Week, M-F, Full Day


What should I take before this course?

No experience required

What should I take after this course?

420 Adventure, HS Sailing, 420 Race, Open Sailing

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