Book Club

Early drop-off and/or late pickup options working working families of camp parents.

We get it. Camps can often be daycare opportunities, and our workday isn't always convenient to your schedule. Choose the book club option during registration for camps and adventures (sorry, limited availability this year). If available, It'll show up in the cue during checkout. Free and always open to scholarship families, 10 spaces for regular registration both morning and afternoon, per week. Be prepared to entertain yourself with a book, game, drawing, or something manual - cell phones and other electronics are not allowed!

Drop-off between 8:15-9:00am.

Pick-up between 4:00-4:45pm.


7 - 16

No tech allowed!

1 week, morning and/or afternoon


What should I take before this course?

Current registration in 420 camp/adventure, or pram solo/camp

What should I take after this course?