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Monday Camp 6/12


We had a blast today! We got the kinder kids out for their first ever sail.

Pram Camp

Pram Camp learned how to rig their boats today, and went for their first sail! Some needed a little help getting back to the docks 😄

Pram Solo

Today in pram solo we learned about how to rig the boats and where we should sit in the boats!

Some of us were feeling pretty confident. "Look! No Hands!"

Pram Race

It's like riding a bike! Pram Race crushed it on the first day back! They also made a new friend who'd found a cosy spot in a bailer.

420 Camp

Today 420 camp was able to tackle some heavy wind by using only jib. The kids did a great job at learning a new skill!

420 Adventure

420 Adventure had a great time cruising around the bay!

420/Laser Race

Today the race class worked to shake the dust off with some practice races. The racing was intense with a few good wipeouts along the way!

Looney Lake Lab

Today we learned how bridges work, and even made some bridges of our own!

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