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420 Adventure

Full day camps for teens who are looking for bigger adventure than 420 Camp by adding bigger sails, lasers, and trap and spinnaker skills to their repertoire.

Who should take this course?
Sailors who have completed at least one 420 Camp or HS session, 12-18 years of age, with some experience. Particularly those who have expressed interest in playing with more advanced equipment like spinnakers, trapeze, trimarans, or larger sails. A great class to explore your confidence in different boats with a small, fun, and focused group. Generally we recommend students be over 5’ or 100lbs in order to be comfortable.

What will my child learn?
The course focuses on fun and introduction to advanced sailing techniques in a healthy and adventure focused format. While this course introduces many of the techniques and skills necessary for success on the race course, it is a standalone course made to foster lifelong sailing, learning, and fun without the complexity or stress of a competitive format. Lessons are adapted to those in the course, exploring wherever students want to head.

What course should my child take next?
Repeats are welcome! Confident students looking for more should think about our 420 Race or Laser Race programs, or join us in the spring or fall for HS racing.


Ages 12 - 18


One Week, M-F, Full Day


What should I take before this course?

420 Camp, Pram Camp or Solo

What should I take after this course?

420 Race, HS Sailing, Open Sailing, Tuesday Night Racing

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