Adaptive Lessons

Instruction designed to engage individuals of varied mental and physical abilities in specifically equiped boats. From partnerships to individual lessons, we're happy to create a program that fits you.

One of the hallmarks of the Adaptive Sailing Program is that we try to fit the needs of our clients. Some of you come to us wanting to experience sailing for the first time. Others of you have done sailing before and want to learn more. Still others just want to go sailing.

At present we do not have a fixed schedule. We will try to meet your needs and time requirements to the best of our ability.

Our offerings fall into four categories.

The Introduction involves an application and evaluative class designed to understand your abilities and your knowledge of sailing. There is also a sailing experience to observe you on the water. You must participate in Introduction to participate in classes.
Once we have established your sailing knowledge and abilities we will make recommendations as to the classes and activities you should be taking. Packages are offered to give continuity to the instruction.
For people who have developed considerable sailing skill we offer cruising or racing opportunities.
Alternatively, you may want to take a private lesson. We also offer sailing experiences to groups of people who are interested in finding out what sailing is like.

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All Ages

Beginner - Advanced


Variable, cost free available

What should I take before this course?

No experience required

What should I take after this course?

Discuss with instructor