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Create connections and positive environmental impact in our new youth partnership program with Hennepin County.

Wayzata Sailing is creating the future of environmental leaders through a new internship program. With the support of Hennepin County, a new team of youth leaders will help enable and design programming for our Looney Lake Lab STEM classes. For 2022 our focus will be tracing stormwater and local watersheds through history and our built environment to target local sources of lake pollution. Our youth interns will produce materials for courses, identify target pollutants and possible remediations, and help create guides for our LLL participants to create effective change in Wayzata.

Add this to your resume for a one of a kind, financially supported and off-leash internship opportunity to make a local impact! We hope you can join the team!


9-12th Grade

Tailored to Group



What should I take before this course?


What should I take after this course?

Any of our classes!

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