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Kinder Sailing

Half day sailing adventures perfect for families who are looking for their children ages 5-6 to explore Lake Minnetonka with an instructor on the boat. A perfect first experience.

What will my child learn?
Our highly trained staff uses US SAILING accredited lessons to introduce your youngest to the fun. Instructors ease sailors into the sport with land drills followed by extensive hands on instruction. We ask parents to leave the instruction area during classes so as to retain the students' full attention, but watch from shore as your students immerse themselves in discovery. The final class includes a celebration time with parents and families you won’t want to miss, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early on Thursday. Sailors will spend class time in our J22 keelboats with an instructor for maximum confidence and learning. Our primary outcome is simple - sailors should learn that sailing is fun and come back ready and comfortable to grow and learn in Pram Camp.

Will my child have fun?
Swimming, sailing games, and other sailing related physical activities are interspersed throughout the classes in order to make this a fun and memorable experience! Our instructors are personable, energetic and love interacting with students in order to make sailing camp an exciting experience. (That's marketing speak for - yes!)

What do we need to bring?
Students are asked to bring their own snacks as well as a life jacket, a water bottle, change of clothes, water shoes and towel.

What course should my child take next?
Repeats are encouraged, don't be worried! The goal of this class is to get your sailor to love sailing. This puts their confidence in the optimal place for joining our Pram Camp once they are 7 or older and ready for a full day of camp.


Ages 5 - 6


One Week, M-Th, Mornings


What should I take before this course?

No experience required

What should I take after this course?

Pram Camp

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