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School Fieldwork

We make the Classroom more fun! Use Wayzata Sailing to add hands on, experiential learning to any curriculum. We make it easy through flexible lessons, pricing, and support.

Teachers turn to Wayzata Sailing to help them build students’ social and emotional learning and increase academic achievement. We partner with the new NESS.US, accredited, nationally recognized, and award-winning marine sciences and ocean adventure STEM curriculum provides learning opportunities for students in unique and highly engaging ways through innovative, real-world experiences that are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Ocean Literacy Principles.

The NGSS and Ocean Literacy Principles encourage students to understand learning as an interrelated world of inquiry and phenomena rather than a static set of disciplines and facts. Wayzata Sailing adventure programs provide experiential STEM classroom and field expeditions to explore real-world problems year-round.

Work with us to customize your own field expedition program and meet your students’ learning needs. Coordinate our programs with your curriculum by selecting from various marine science, adventure sports, and/or sailing options. Utilize our unique waterfront and facility, and/or our extensive fleet of watercraft to create your own exciting, engaging, and hands-on outdoor adventure program. Wayzata Sailing can accommodate up to 90 students outdoors (Spring-Fall), or 60 indoors (Winter). We utilize station/pod layouts to combine multiple hands on units within a day. Pick multiple topics to explore!

We've got several pre-built modules available, or contact us for something more tailored. Pre-built topics: Lake Creation & Glaciation, Watersheds, Wetlands Wonders, Watersport Adventures, Sailing, Macroinvertabrates, Fish, Renewable Energy Exploration, Waste Stream Reduction, Critical Composting, Plate Tectonics / Ice Features, and Aquatic Invaders.

All lessons are tailorable to your campus, ours, or a lake/park exploration offsite. Let us make transportation easy and come to you or within walking distance!

Flexible & reduced pricing available for all public schools. Full support including transportation for all Title 1 schools.


All Ages

Tailored to Group

Single Day, Linkable Outings

Variable, cost free available

What should I take before this course?

In school session provided by WS or NESS.US

What should I take after this course?

Discuss with instructor

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