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Looney Lake Lab

Half or Full day outdoor based hands-on STEM based exploration of the lake, environment, world, and the ecosystem around Wayzata Bay.

Who should take this course?
LLL is an outdoor hands-on STEM based exploration of the lake, environment, and ecosystem around Wayzata Bay. Sailors and non-sailors should be interested in getting their hands dirty and exploring another angle on sailing, engineering, problem solving, and adventure sports. We’ll look into what makes the world tick, move, and grow around us.

How are the classes structured? Each day of the STEM Adventure will feature a new lesson element within our week’s theme. Lessons are geared towards hands-on exploration with short classroom periods and team building/games for class cohesion. We’ll have fun, get dirty, and explore the world around us.

Why are full days more expensive than half day Looney Lake Lab option?
Pricing reflects more advanced materials, tools, and adventures in the full day class. We treat the Looney Lake Lab (Half Day) as our intro and access focused camp, while the Looney Lake Laboratory (Full day) has less repetition and more materials featured.

Do I need sailing skills? What should I bring?
This is a non-sailing class; however, you should come prepared to be in and out of the lake during class, so wearing a swimsuit is a must! Also recommended: towel, change of clothes, sun protection, water shoes, and a backpack to contain the mayhem. All other materials for lessons are provided. PFDs are required when in and on the water, but will be provided for those that do not have one.


Ages 7 - 13

Science Curious

One Week, M-F

$125 - $265

What should I take before this course?

No experience required

What should I take after this course?

Looney Lake Laboratory, Lake Experience, NESS.US

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