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Adult Classes

Small group class offerings for adults. From introductory sailing to those interested in certification. If you want a complete learning experience - this is the course for you.

Adults Classes:
Offered in our J22 keelboats, Adult Classes at WS are a small group experience scheduled in 3 hour class blocks. We structure them for both single adventures or developing yourself as a sailor and future boat owner. WS offers three levels of classes; separated by knowledge covered. Level 1 is a perfect first experience for anyone, while Level 3 is a growth class offering repeatable opportunities to build new skills and is made for those ready and hungry to keep learning. Registering for a level in our system will automatically open the next level of booking to you.

Level 1 – $85 per person (Basics, rigging, steering, trimming)

Level 2 – $100 per person (Points of sail, sailing to a point, departure and docking)

Level 3 – $115 per person (Anchoring, navigation, POB, boat control)

To earn a US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification, simply complete the series of skills on our handy logbook card on file at WS. Instructors will certify and sign off on sections as you complete them. Most students will be able to complete their logbooks by completing one Level 1, one Level 2, and three Level 3 lessons. Generally at least 15 hours or five lessons minimum are required to complete and learn the skills necessary to become certified.

Once your logbook is completed, you’re ready to test! WS provides your testing and certification materials free of charge if you complete your logbook through our series of lessons.

If you’re already an avid sailor simply looking for certification, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to discuss options.

Cancellations due to weather and other factors:
Adult lessons may need to be rescheduled in cases of inclement weather. If a class is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, we will contact you immediately, and work to rebook you for another opening. All other absences will be subject to our refund and exchange policy outlined during checkout. Please provide at least two weeks notice, in writing, for cancellations or date changes to allow for others to fill your space on the boat!


Ages 16 +

Beginner - Advanced

Evenings, 5-8pm


What should I take before this course?

No experience required

What should I take after this course?

WYC Membership, Boat Ownership

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