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Wings & Foils

Our newest Adventure program, focusing on exploring other types of watersports, such as wings, foiling and SUP.

Sailing is evolving! In this exciting new adventure course, sailors will be exposed to the world of wings and foils. If your sailor thinks sailing is boring, well, this will change their mind! With broad spectrum equipment, we'll SUP, practice foiling behind a powerboat, try Wingsurfing, and if we reach that skill level - attempt to combine skills for a try at Wing Foiling. This class is for those ready to make the leap into the newest growth point in watersports, offering a safer alternative to Kiting and a faster growth curve than windsurfing.

Expect to be challenged, in the water, and getting wet. Sailors will learn through shore lessons, videos, and trial and error in a small group limited to 6 with their instructor.

Registrants must have completed an intermediate or advanced course to participate (such as High School sailing, KTL, 420 Adventure, or 420/laser Racing). Due to limited availability, no equivalent classes from other sailing schools will be accepted this season.

Get hooked? Think about FLIGHT CLUB course next, which takes the next leap with regular foil use in prime conditions.

Additional waiver required to participate.


Ages 13 - 18


One Week, M-F, All Day


What should I take before this course?

420 Adventure or Race, Pram Solo or Race, or HS Sailing

What should I take after this course?

Flight Club, HS Sailing

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