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O'Pen Skiffs

Got the hang of Pram Camp? Time to captain your own boat! This course introduces single-handing skills within our time tested camp format.

Who should take this course?
Sailors with some pram sailing experience that have expressed an interest in solo sailing, especially those that may not be interested in our Pram Race or are looking for more practice first. The most important aspect to determine between Pram Camp and Skiffs is your student’s confidence - ask them! Are they excited? Are they ok with working through mistakes? Trial and error? If yes - O'Pen Skiffs is for them!

What is this course? What will they Learn?
Skiffs can be both a stand-alone repeatable camp, or a transition course between Pram Camp and our Pram Race. Sailors will learn the skills needed to control a sailboat alone, including: using a tiller extension, trimming properly, maneuvering within the boat. All while sailing off on longer destination type sails. This course was started as a transition from prams to our racing classes, but has since become the stomping ground of pram sailors who love to simply adventure and explore the lake. New adventures and destinations weekly, repeat sessions are encouraged!

What course should my child take next?
Experienced instructors monitor your child’s capabilities and teach skills appropriate to their level as they master greater skills. If your student has completed this class before and is interested in a more challenging course, consider Pram Race.

** A morning only option is available for those taking Pram Race in the afternoon, allowing for a full day of fun.


Ages 7 - 13


One Week, M-Th, Full Day


What should I take before this course?

Pram Camp

What should I take after this course?

Pram Race, 420 Camp, 420 Adventure, Tuesday Night Racing

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