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Tuesday Night Racing

Casual racing opportunities for budding sailors looking to make the next step in their sailing skills.

Who is this meant for?

Tuesday night racing is for anyone 10+ who wants to get some more time out on the water racing with friends, family, or instructors!

How is this structured?

Tuesday social time is returning this summer! This is an excellent time for sailors and parents to relax and interact! We do supply a grill, but cannot serve food - so food is to be brought by parent volunteers. (BYO or volunteer system TBD) Grill to be used by an approved adult.
Racing starts at 6:30, and generally runs until sunset. All fleets race on the same course, with the pram group racing to a shorter windward mark to get more individual races in.

Is there supervision?

While there is a supervising instructor and employees sailing, supervision won’t be the same seen in day to day class operations. It will be up to the supervising instructor and WCSC staff to determine whether sailing is a safe option and may: restrict who can sail, what equipment you can use, and when you can sail. Discretion on sailing ability lies solely on the supervising instructor.

Do I need a boat?

No! Students participating in one of our race classes are able to use the same boat used during class, after that boats are first come, first serve.


Ages 10+

Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday Evenings

$20 per season

What should I take before this course?

Pram Race, Pram Solo, Skiffs 420 Adventure, 420 Race, Laser Race or equivalent intermediate sailing skills.

What should I take after this course?

HS Sailing, Laser Race, 420 Race, College Sailing

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