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Open Sailing

Community focused open boating opportunity on Tuesday nights during the summer. $50 for the summer.

The sailing doesn't need to stop with classes and camps. Looking for a boat use opportunity? Tuesday nights are our community use night featuring open sailing opportunities in our fleet of Z420s. This is a perfect place to grow your sailing skills, get tiller time, and enjoy an evening with your friend. Participants should bring their own sailing partner, but may sail solo.

Geared as a loosely structured open sailing club, we'll have supervised open sailing with limited instruction. The goal is to create an open and fun atmosphere for anyone above 6th grade who wants to get out and sail. Build your skills, meet some potential teammates, and have yourself some free sailing time! Join us on the race course with the laser fleet for some racing or cruise and explore the lake in the defined open sailing area.

Your $20 fee covers the admin cost of hosting your medical and registration file for the summer Tuesday sailing season.

Participants should have completed at least one 420 related class with Wayzata Sailing (R.A.D., KTL, Race, etc.) and/or be fully prepared to handle a boat by themselves. It will be up to the supervising instructor and WCSC staff to determine whether sailing is a safe option and may: restrict who can sail, what equipment you can use, and when you can sail. Discretion on sailing ability lies solely on with the supervising instructor.

Lasers for Tuesday nights are separate from this registration.


Ages 12+

Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday Evenings

$20 per season

What should I take before this course?

420 Adventure, 420 Race, Laser Race, or Adult Certification

What should I take after this course?

Tuesday Night Racing

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